Dudley St. Baptist Church
Members & Associates
Members & Associates

Few places develop long lasting relationships than those of a church. Dudley St. Baptist Church was one of those places. The center of spiritual nourishment for a close knit community, Dudley Street developed friendships that transcend time. Even though the church ended in 1965, the relationships and friendships developed there continue today.

It is often said that a church is not a building, it is the people.  Dudley St. Baptist Church personifies that statement.

Some of these members and associates of the church are listed below.


Billy Arlington Joe Fitzgerald Bernard Keenan Sandra Moultin (Tiekert )
Judy Beane (Brown) Michael Gould Eleanor Lew (Matthews) Paul Murphy
Ann Beaudet (Bolin) Neil Gould Jennie Lew (Semler) Jack Ross
Evelyn Beaudet (Barden) Edwin Hobart Thomas Lew Bob Tayne
Roni Beaudet (Eaton) Ellie Hobart (Johnson) Diane Morris Sandra Tayne (Spencer)
Ken Brown Barbara Keenan (Arlington) Lillian Morris (Lew) Rosemary Zaborski (Mathews)